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Fresh Squeezed Faces is a boutique caricature service of Jedd Bluhm Illustration, crafting custom cartoons at events or in studio for groups of any size, including pets, cars, and more!

We make it worth your while to provide video references with your photos!

NOW through October 31, 2016, when you provide simple videos of at least 3/4 of your group members, you qualify for our "Video Rate" (35% off your order). Remember to use promo code VIDZ when you order. Email your photos and videos within 48 hours of placing your order and we'll get started. Details and reminders will show in your shopping cart. Download our  pdf file "How-To Send a Useful Video" for helpful tips about what the artist looks for in a video reference... 

Why are we "Fresh Squeezed"?

My first outdoor fair as a caricature artist was the 2012 Olmsted County Fair in Rochester, Minnesota. My 14-year old nephew had come along to help set up and keep it running. We were in over our heads, so we arrived early to get inspired by other vendor booths. Even though our pop up tent was equipped with one small, high powered shop fan (for the customers, of course!), we were melting. As we languished in the humidity, oases of "fresh squeezed” lemonade vendors lined the marketplace at every turn. It was unbelievable how many lemons were being sacrificed in one location. Lucky for us, a fine lemonade purveyor was conveniently situated in a booth across from ours. The sour citrus may have thought otherwise.

Our sample art was on display, so people started asking when we would be open and what the prices were. Thus began my mad scramble to design a 2' x 3' price chart.

Hey! Let's reel in the customers with a spoof on all those lemonade signs! And with that, the airbrushed sign you see on this page was born. Thank you, Matthew, and thank you, Olmsted County Fair lemonade vendors!

We still like the lemonade motif, and now that we have an online presence, we feel we have something fresh to offer. From the feedback we have received since the "early days", people enjoy having their faces fresh squeezed by us. Who's next? 

What makes us so “fresh”?

We enjoy making expressive art

We haven't done our job if we don't produce drawings that accurately capture your characteristics, but finding the right expression that is uniquely “you” involves a search for mannerisms, body language and attitude. Trained artists will agree that it is less than ideal to draw from photos. In our opinion, the next best thing is to have live video, up close, with photographs as supporting references. 


It's a Win-Win!

We think you deserve our best quality at a fair price. Our caricatures-from-photos pricing is competitive with other online vendors, but when you send a short video with your photos, it's even better. Not only does a short video greatly improve the artist's ability to observe how your mouth moves, for example, it also speeds up the decision-making process--a real win-win! You get a lively cartoon more quickly and with less expense than the typical offerings online, and we feel a lot better about the product we created. How's that for “fresh”?


We're NEW (but not that new!)

I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. As a new online vendor, I hope you like what you see here and will tell your friends. My support team is pretty sure you like fun and functional webpages, too, so please send your feedback and we'll get right on it. We want you to be happy with your purchase and provide enthusiastic feedback about us. See our terms of service for more details.


ALL Digital Artwork

We feature all-digital artwork (for starters), so you will have full control of the dimensions of the artwork and choose how and when your artwork is printed and distributed. Printed or original artwork is available only by request at this time. FYI: "Digital" artwork is still hand made and is in no way "easier" to create than with traditional materials... it's just more user-adaptable and shareable. 


Watching the art happen is half the fun

If you like, you may purchase a video of your artwork being made. Let us know and we'll get the cameras rolling!



OK, we get a bit excited about this. We like large groups so much that we want to be the go-to vendor for any group organizer, marketing specialist or athletic director who would like to immortalize their whole clan, employees, football team or book club into a giant caricature. For families and personal use, we have discounts available any time. Commercial interests can expect top quality work that they will be proud to display, share and sell. 


We hold give-away contests regularly

Holding give away contests is one way to spread the love and try out new techniques. We want to keep moving and grooving, so send in those submissions! 


Artwork is the copyright of Jedd Bluhm Illustration and Fresh Squeezed Faces.

All rights reserved.